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We have to tell you, we’re pretty stoked to have you as a customer (or even just as a potential customer!). Our small team is made up of normal people just like you. (Well, we’re assuming, but you seem nice.) Because of this, we have a Just Be Cool Return Policy, which is exactly what we’d want our return policy to be if we were in your shoes.

What’s a “Just Be Cool Return Policy”?

It’s pretty simple, really. We’re cool to you, and you’re cool to us. Specifically, we define “Return Policy” as:

Hey, you defined “Return Policy” but not “Just Be Cool”

Oh, right. So look, here’s the thing: we make every product to order, specifically for you when you buy it. This means when we get a product back as a return, we don’t just put it back on the warehouse shelf and send it to a future customer. Instead, we make you a new product and give your returned product to one of our assorted return department managers, who use them for things like adorning their stuffed animals. So we end up paying to make two products but we only get paid for one. And as you might imagine, that’s not a winning business model.

One of our return department managers with her assistants

So with that in mind, here’s what we mean by “Just Be Cool”:

The Fine Print

There’s always fine print, amirite? So here it is:

Now, with all of that said, we reserve the right to Just Be Cool and ignore all of these rules when the mood strikes us. But we also reserve the right to refuse a return or exchange if we have good reason to think the Just Be Cool standard isn’t being met. That’s just how the world needs to work.

Starting the Process

Yeah, we know, we’ve been going on for a while. So if you need to replace, return, or exchange your product, start the process by emailing us at, including your order number, and putting the word “Return” somewhere in the subject line. And please remember that:

Any Questions?

Please get in touch.

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