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What brands of shirts do you sell?

Currently, all Seekerbrand™ t-shirts are sourced from Alternative Apparel and printed in the USA.

What size shirt should I order?

That’s a question between you, your maker, and your bathroom scale. But we strongly recommend you check out the size chart linked to on each product page before making a decision. (Yes, this means getting out the tape measure, just to be sure.) Our shirts tend to fit true to size.

How should I care for my shirt?

For the best results, wash your Seekerbrand shirt inside-out in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. When in doubt, consult the washing instructions printed on the tag inside the shirt.

Will my shirt shrink?

Not spontaneously while you’re wearing it. And each of our shirts is specially washed by the manufacturer before we print on it, which not only makes them nice and soft, but also pre-shrinks them. So even when you wash it, your shirt shouldn’t shrink much.

My shirt has an off-white residue on it!

(That’s technically a statement, not a question, but we’ll allow it.) Not to worry. During the manufacturing process, we first spray a special solution on the shirt to help hold the ink, and this solution can sometimes leave a slight off-white residue after it dries. This isn’t a permanent stain and will wash off after the first 1-2 wash cycles.


How long will it take for my order to reach me?

This question and many more are answered on our Shipping page.

Returns and Exchanges

What is your return policy?

Take a look at our Returns & Exchanges page for the answer.

…And More

Hey, how can I receive an annoyingly high amount of marketing emails from you?

We regret to say there is no way to do this and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Okay, well how can I receive a tasteful marketing email that’s delivered periodically but not so often that it becomes annoying?

We’re glad you asked! Sign up for the Seekerbrand™ newsletter and your wish will come true.

How can I learn about new products?

Just sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. We’ll occasionally send out announcements of new products, special offers and promotions, and much, much (okay, the second much is a little bit of a stretch) more.

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