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About Seekerbrand

Seekerbrand™ comes to you from sunny San Diego, California, way down in the far southwest corner of the US map. We’re a small team fascinated with one of the biggest of questions: how people seek and find meaning in their lives.

Life among sand, sea, family, and friends

We find inspiration in simple, meaningful messages from the world’s faith and spiritual traditions. We then work with talented artists from around the world to create products that showcase those messages in beautiful, understated ways. We make each product to order in our state-of-the-art production facility in Los Angeles and ship them all over the world.

If you’re the detail-oriented sort, you might notice something missing from our designs: an explicit citation of the source. We do that intentionally, not to hide the source (the citation is still there, we just put it somewhere out of the way, like in the labels of our shirts) or because we think the source is unimportant. (Au contraire!) Rather, we do it because when you put the source citation out of the way, interesting things begin to happen: people see and appreciate the message who would have otherwise ignored it; other people can share a message important to them that would have otherwise been too private and personal to share; and the kinship between the common messages of love, tolerance, and forgiveness from different faith and spiritual traditions begins to shine forth. We call it showing What’s On The Inside™, and you’ll find it somewhere on each of our products.

We’re creating Seekerbrand to showcase the kind of faith and belief that is a living thing – always learning, always growing; the faith of friends, and neighbors, and family; the belief of love, and tolerance, and curiosity; the search for meaning that recognizes though we all travel different paths, we are on the same journey; the kind of faith and belief that brings the people of the world together, rather than tearing them apart. (The people of the world just emailed to say they could use a little more of that.)

If that’s something that appeals to you, well…you’ve come to the right place, and we hope you like what we’ve made and what we have planned for the future. Please take a look at all our products and keep in touch with us to see what the future will bring.

Thanks for visiting.

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